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Our Story

DAUNT is a veteran-owned brand devoted to fitness. We understand as individuals our goals separate us, but our passions bond us. We are a Pack of individuals who know we are stronger together.

Our origin in 2021, started in a garage with weight equipment, a few T-shirts, and an ambition to ally the gym culture. The small group of gym goers started an online group to share goals, motivation, and fitness content among each other. The group began to grow and is now known as the "Pack." The brand name DAUNT was later developed with the meaning of having no fear and demoralizing what stood in our way. DAUNT was paired with a canine logo after our Pack worked with military and police canines frequently. These animals displayed fearless dedication to daily execution. We embodied the hard work and dedication of these animals and created our brand. Today, we create gear to maximize your fitness potential and content to inspire and motivate. Ultimately, we are driven by the Pack to evolve our community.


Our mission at DAUNT is to empower individuals to unleash their full potential by providing high-quality workout and fitness clothing that enhances performance and ensures comfort throughout rigorous training sessions. We believe that no obstacle should hinder your progress towards achieving your goals, which is why our activewear is designed to support you every step of the way. Join us in embracing confidence and tackling each day with determination.